Providing a complete fuel solution to businesses for over 60 years

Carbon Offset Fuel

Carbon Offset Fuel

Offset the carbon footprint of your fuel order with Watson Fuels.

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Bulk Fuel

Bulk Fuel

We provide a complete bulk fuel delivery solution for gas oil, road diesel and kerosene.

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Fuel cards

Fuel cards

Control your diesel fuel costs more effectively with Watson Fuelcards.

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Tankscout Fuel Monitoring

Tankscout Fuel Monitoring

Reduce the risk of run outs with our managed fuel service.

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We supply the finest lubricants, fluids, AdBlue and greases.

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Price Risk Management

Price Risk Management

Fuel price certainty with our fixed price fuel options.

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The cost effective industrial heating solution for gas oil boilers.

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Reliable storage solutions for your fuel, lubricants and AdBlue with tanks from Watson Fuels.

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Keeping emissions in control with AdBlue® from Watson Fuels.

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HVO renewable diesel

HVO renewable diesel

A sustainable, cleaner and high-performing replacement for fossil diesel.

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Bulk fuel

Commercial and industrial fuel solutions

Our national depot network means we have the flexibility to deliver fuel for businesses across the UK.

We provide a complete bulk fuel delivery solution for gas oil, road diesel and kerosene. And our national network means we’re perfectly placed to deliver wherever you are.

Our experienced teams have supported customers in construction, agriculture, transportation, manufacturing, public sector, retail and other industries across the nation for over 60 years.

With our local experts and our advanced tank and fuel management systems, we can help your business operate efficiently and effectively. Ensuring you have the fuel, energy and lubricants you need, when and where you need them.



Reliable storage solutions for your fuel, lubricants and AdBlue® 


Find the right fit

We work in partnership with industry leaders to provide best-in-class static and transportable storage tanks. Our range includes options for fuel, lubricants and AdBlue® in a choice of shapes and sizes to suit your farm.

Safe. Smart.

Our tanks are double-skinned to protect both the environment and your business against costly spills. And to keep your farm running smoothly, all of our tanks are available with our Tankscout fuel monitoring system, which lets you track levels remotely.

Whether you are looking for a bulk stationery tank or a transportable tank for machinery on the move, we have a range of storage solutions to fit your business needs. 

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A very well-oiled machine

Watson Lubricants stocks and delivers industrial lubricants from a wide range of brands to suit applications across multiple sectors.

An authorised distributor of Texaco Lubricants, all products within our engine oils, lubricants, greases, coolants, fluids and AdBlue® ranges are carefully selected to meet the latest specifications. With a team of dedicated lubricant consultants available to provide specialist advice and technical support, we can supply a comprehensive range of lubricant products to help keep your business running smoothly.

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Industrial heating solution

Watson Fuels is proud to offer Furnaceflame™, a cost-effective alternative to gas oil for commercial heating applications such as boilers, dryers and heaters.

Furnaceflame™ has been developed for use as a direct replacement wherever regular gas oil is being used for heating purposes.

Alternative industrial heating products can often contain components derived from waste oils. Such products not only increase the risk of plant failure due to fouling, but can also reduce the efficiency of heat transfer leading to increased fuel consumption.

Furnaceflame™ is different. Blended entirely from virgin components sourced from UK and European refiners, Furnaceflame™ can be used as a drop-in replacement for gas oil across a wide range of burner and furnace applications without any compromise in performance. 

Fully miscible with gas oil in all proportions, no plant modifications are needed to switch to Furnaceflame™ and there is no need to drain the existing oil in your tank.

Regular gas oil is more expensive to produce than Furnaceflame™ as it must meet exacting standards for use in off-road mobile plant. Further, gas oil is also subject to additional government levies for road fuel which do not apply to Furnaceflame™. Furnaceflame™ can therefore be offered at a lower price than regular gas oil, meaning significant cost savings for your business.

Furnaceflame is a registered trademark of WFL (UK) Limited.

Helping you reach your targets

Offset your carbon emissions

Many of our customers are seeking ways to reduce their carbon emissions, and we offer a simple and effective solution. You can now easily offset the emissions of the fuel you buy through us. It’s a practical and affordable way to reduce your carbon footprint while you work towards reaching Net Zero.

The offsets you buy through us will support projects around the world that are certified to capture or reduce carbon.

Price Risk Management

Introducing Price Risk Management from Watson Fuels

The fluctuating cost of fuel puts pressure on margins, makes budgeting challenging and can significantly hamper the realisation of your business plans. With over 60 years' experience of delivering fuel to industry, Watson Fuels understands how the fluctuating nature of the market can impact your business. That's why we are excited about introducing our range of price risk management products.

With our simple, effective price risk management solutions, we can help you place your business on a fuel agreement that matches your ongoing needs, giving you greater control over your future fuel spend.


Fuel cards

Go the extra mile

Watson Fuelcards offer the combination of over half a century’s experience in the fuel industry with the backing of one of the UK’s fastest growing oil companies. 


No transaction fees
We offer a choice of wholesale and pump price related cards without any transaction fees.

Transparent and competitive pricing
You are notified of diesel prices by email or text every week.

An excellent and unbiased choice of cards
Watson Fuelcards compare the fuel cards on offer to you and we make an unbiased choice of which card best suits your fleet of vehicles. We’re an independent provider, so you can be assured we’ll look after your best interests.


Account management
We offer dedicated account management for all our customers. You will be looked after by your own account manager, who will be able to respond to the needs of the account.

We work hard to ensure that the fuel card we recommend will save you money at the pump and in administrative time and costs. Our prices are always consistent with the market and competitive with the pumps.


Innovative fuel monitoring

Our Tankscout fuel monitoring system is a stress free way of managing your fuel or lubricant supply.

Reduce the risk of costly run-outs
Tankscout links into our fuel and lubricant delivery system. When the level of fuel in your tank drops below a specified level, we can automatically raise an order for your next delivery to ensure you always have enough fuel.

A more efficient ordering and delivery process
A complete fuel management system, Tankscout eliminates the need for manually dipping tanks and improves ordering efficiencies, helping to reduce the number of deliveries to your site.

Regular updates
Receive regular email notifications of your latest fuel levels, and access your latest tank readings on your desktop PC, or on-the-move on your tablet or smartphone. Plus, check and manage multiple tanks from a single user account.

Greater understanding of your consumption
Tankscout gives you access to your latest tank readings online and via your smartphone. This helps you monitor how much fuel you are using each day and gives you a greater understanding of your consumption.

It couldn't be simpler
We will contact you to arrange an installation date. Once your Tankscout has been installed, we will provide you with login details and instructions for viewing your readings online.


Keeping emissions in control

Over the past 20 years, European legislation has transformed our vehicles and the impact they have on the environment. By defining a series of emissions targets for all new vehicles sold in the EU, the legislation has compelled businesses to seek new ways to filter and reduce harmful emissions. Exhaust after-treatment systems have been one of the most prominent types of solution adopted.

At Watson Fuels, we supply fully-licensed AdBlue®. This ensures that the product we supply has gone through tightly controlled manufacturing, handling and storage processes to meet the high specification set by the VDA (Verband der Automobilindustrie – the German Automotive Industry Organisation, and owners of the AdBlue® trademark).

These high standards are vital to protect your vehicles against contamination and potential damage to your vehicles’ SCR systems.


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Esso Diesel Efficient™

At Watson Fuels, we listen to the challenges our customers face which is why we have teamed up with Esso to bring you their heavy-duty diesel fuel with strong all round performance.

In select locations, we can now offer Esso Diesel Efficient™, an advanced fuel formulation that delivers both a cleaner engine and lower emissions, contributing to an impressive overall performance for your engine and your business.


Esso Diesel Efficient™ is formulated to help*:

  • Remove dirty fuel injector deposits
  • Provide excellent fuel system corrosion protection
  • Lower emissions
  • Give you a faster and cleaner fill
  • Save your business money