Our services extend beyond fuel. We also offer business solutions for gas, electricity and water from our colleagues at World Kinect Energy Services.

Utility rates are continuing to soar, meaning price rises for all institutions and businesses. This increase is the highest energy markets have seen in a generation – but help is available.

Our sister company, World Kinect Energy Services is an energy broker that offers an extensive suite of services to help your business manage its energy costs effectively. Our team of energy experts know local markets and how suppliers work and can help get the best deal through a strategy tailored to your energy needs.

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Fixed Contracts

A fixed term energy contract allows businesses to fix the cost of their gas and electricity for an agreed term. This protects your business against any price increase and gives you peace of mind that your energy costs will not vary.

The benefits of fixed energy tariffs:

  • Protection against any price increases that may occur over the contract of the term
  • Peace of mind that you will pay less for your business energy costs
  • Easier budgeting for your business, allowing you to invest with confidence in other areas

Flexible contracts

A flexible energy contract allows businesses to spread energy purchasing decisions throughout the life of the contract, taking advantage of market conditions and helping lower costs and reduce energy overheads.

 The benefits of flexible energy contracts:

  • No take or pay. Re-forecast consumption throughout the contract term to maximise costs savings and avoid volume tolerance
  • Lower risk premiums than fixed term energy contracts
  • Multiple purchases made over time provides greater opportunity to achieve purchasing savings and will spread the risk of a volatile market and the impact on your business

Our brokerage services include:

Comparing up to 35 global suppliers

Applying for utilities refunds owed from previous years

Managing contracts and navigating a smooth supplier change

Full energy audit and advice on energy usage

Advice and solutions to prepare for future regulations