To make sure our fuel is delivered to you safely and efficiently, Watson Fuels operates in line with a set of fuel delivery standards.

These standards are designed to minimise the potential damage that might be caused by the incorrect delivery or storage of fuel. 

  • Before completing a delivery at height, it’s important we ensure we can do so safely. Initially, we will assess whether the delivery can be made at ground level. If this isn’t possible, then the two methods below are the only accepted ways for us to make a delivery:

    • Our driver can use a permanently fixed ladder that has been designed to safely access your delivery point. This ladder can also offer access to a delivery platform, provided that guard rails are fitted; or
    • Our driver uses a Watson Fuels portable ladder, in line with training protocol.

    If your ladder is above three metres from ground level, we won’t be able to complete your delivery – and our drivers will not use their own ladder to access another platform or tank. 

Need a new tank for your business?

We offer a range of bunded oil tanks suitable for farms, businesses and projects. Want to simplify your fuel management? 

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