What is carbon offsetting?

Carbon offsetting offers a convenient and cost-effective way to reduce your carbon footprint. A carbon offset represents a reduction in greenhouse gas emissions that can be used to compensate for emissions made somewhere else.

How it works?

All liquid fuels release greenhouse gases (including CO₂ and NOx) into the atmosphere as part of the combustion process. CO₂ equivalent (CO₂E) is a metric used to convert the net impact of all these gases into an equivalent amount of carbon dioxide with the same global warming potential. This helps to measure the impact of fuel use. All liquid fuel types have a CO₂E conversion factor.

When you buy carbon offset fuel from Watson Fuels, a proportion of the price you pay goes towards projects that compensate for the carbon impact of the fuel you’re using.

How can I buy carbon offset fuel?

Where emissions can’t be avoided, you can purchase carbon offset fuel from Watson Fuels. We now offer the option to offset each fuel purchase made through Watson Fuels. Simply ask our sales advisors to switch to offset fuel when you place your next fuel or heating oil order.

By choosing to purchase Carbon Offset Fuel, you’ll be lowering your carbon footprint by directly contributing to the global carbon projects we’re partnering with, and the UN SDGs they are supporting.

To place your order for carbon offset fuel, please call your local office. Or, for further information, send us an enquiry.

We only source carbon offsets from verified international projects

The Carbon Offsets that we purchase come only from projects that have been independently-verified against international standards. These standards provide a methodology, and an independent verification process and registry process that ensures emission reductions are real, additional, permanent and unique.

Our offsets are sourced by our expert sustainability colleagues at World Kinect Energy Services, and meet one or more of the below standards and certifications:


We’re currently sourcing Carbon Offsets from carefully selected renewable energy projects across India.

Where our offsets come from?
The offsets we source are procured from a range of solar and wind projects across India.

Which standards do these offsets meet?
As a minimum, these projects meet Gold Standard or Verified Carbon Standard (VCS).

What vintage do our carbon offsets represent?
Our offsets represent reductions happening in the last five years.

Which UN Sustainable Development goals do these projects support?
These projects support:
Goal 7 - Ensure access to affordable, reliable, sustainable and modern energy for all
Goal 13 - Take action to combat climate change and its impacts.


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Carbon calculator

Carbon calculator

Use our carbon calculator to help understand your CO2 impact

Our simple carbon calculator allows you to calculate your carbon emission equivalent, and better understand the CO₂ impact of your fuel use. You can also Request a Call Back from our team, to learn more about the ways we can help you to offset your carbon footprint.

Carbon calculator

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Carbon calculator

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We’ve made it simple to offset the CO2 emissions on your next order. Contact your local depot to find out more, or speak to the team.

Carbon calculator

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Carbon calculator

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*The calculations from our carbon calculator are consistent with the UK Government GHG conversion factors for UK liquid fuel grades (2023), as available from BEIS.


IMPORTANT: The purchase and sale of Carbon Offset Fuel is a contractual chain of custody system: it is not a renewable energy certificate program, nor any other regulated carbon emission compliance instrument and is not part of any renewable portfolio standard or any other local, state, provincial, federal, national or supranational law, rule or regulation regime relating to renewable energy.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Carbon offsets are calculated by using the CO₂ equivalent (CO₂e) conversion factor for a given fuel type and quantity. CO₂e is a metric that converts the overall impact of all greenhouse gases (which includes CO₂, and NOx) into an equivalent amount of carbon dioxide with the same global warming potential. All liquid fuel grades have a CO₂e conversion factor. So, while offsets are measured and calculated in carbon dioxide terms, the carbon offsets calculation does include the global warming impact of all greenhouse gases associated with the fuel. You can try our carbon calculator to see how this works.

    But when you buy carbon offset fuel from Watson Fuels, we help take care of this detail for you. A proportion of the price you pay for each carbon offset fuel purchase goes towards projects that compensation for the overall carbon impact of the fuel you use and quantity you purchase.