Watson Fuels offers nationwide supply of HVO Renewable Diesel to businesses and farms across the UK. 

HVO stands for hydrotreated vegetable oil, sometimes also known as Renewable Diesel. It’s an advanced biofuel, made from verified waste feedstocks such as used cooking oil, that results in up to 90% reduction in Greenhouse Gas emissions* when used in place of fossil fuels.

Switching to HVO is an increasing popular option for businesses looking to reduce their carbon footprint, but who can’t yet move away from diesel-powered engines and machinery.

At Watson Fuels, we’ve been making investments across our depot network to add regional storage of HVO and enable us to deliver to customers across the country in quantities from 500 to 36,000 litres. 

All of the HVO fuel we supply is sourced from approved supply partners, and comes with full Proof of Sustainability provided through our Renewable Fuel Assurance Scheme (RFAS) verification and International Sustainability and Carbon Certification (ISCC) accreditations. 

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What is HVO renewable diesel?

HVO stands for hydrotreated vegetable oil, sometimes known as Renewable Diesel, or R99. Part of the paraffinic family of fuels, it is a fossil-free alternative to mineral diesel, and results in up to a 90% reduction in Greenhouse Gas emissions.*

It is also specially formulated to deliver a cleaner burn, and produces significantly lower NOx and particulate matter than fossil diesel**. Switching to HVO diesel can therefore help you not only reduce your overall carbon footprint, but also reduce the local emissions of your operations. 

How is HVO made?

HVO is part of the paraffinic fuel family. It is a second-generation biofuel, also known as an advanced biofuel, made from vegetable oils or animal fats. It’s produced through a process known as hydrotreating, which results in a pure, clear, odourless liquid hydrocarbon fuel with minimal sulphur content. 

The result is a stable fuel with a long-shelf life and excellent performance year-round.  

As one of a number of paraffinic fuels, Renewable Diesel HVO is governed by a different fuel standard than regular diesel – the EN 15940 Paraffinic Fuel Standard. 

However, Renewable Diesel HVO is also so close in composition to its fossil fuel counterpart that it meets or exceeds the EN590 road diesel fuel standard in all properties, except for density.

What can HVO be used for?

HVO fuel is sometimes known as Renewable Diesel as it’s a drop-in replacement for fossil diesel or gas oil, made from renewable sources. It delivers an efficient and reliable performance for vehicles and machinery across multiple applications, including: 

  • Construction equipment 
  • Fleet vehicles 
  • Agricultural machinery and vehicles 
  • Manufacturing machinery 
  • Industrial trucks and tankers 
  • Generators 

HVO can also be used for heating applications, and has the potential to replace kerosene for domestic properties. Read more on our Future Ready Fuel page >

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Why switch to HVO renewable diesel?

Businesses are increasingly switching to HVO Renewable Diesel in place of fossil diesel or gas oil as it offers a number of key benefits, including:


Cleaner, sustainable fuel

Results in up to 90% reduction in GHG emissions compared to fossil diesel* assured by the Renewable Fuels Assurance Scheme (RFAS). 

Local air quality benefits - significantly lower Particulate Matter, NOx and unburnt hydrocarbons**

Produced from 100% renewable sources, from ISCC certified suppliers.

Odourless and virtually free from sulphur and aromatics.


Outstanding performance

Higher cetane number than EN590 diesel = efficient and clean combustion

Exceptional cold weather performance. Better start-up and throttle response

Excellent storage properties. HVO is FAME-free = does not affect water or microbial growth


Switching made simple

Drop in replacement for diesel or gas oil in engines

Meets EN15940 paraffinic fuels standard, approved by a wide range of OEMs as a replacement for use in diesel engines without modification

To place your order for Renewable Diesel, please call your local office. Or, for further information, send us an enquiry below.

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Our blog article explores six key questions to answer when deciding how Renewable Diesel could play a part in your fuel mix.

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Assured and sustainable HVO supply

Not all Renewable Diesel is created equally. So, whenever you purchase HVO, it’s important to have full Proof of Sustainability documentation that provides traceability and certification to support your business’s sustainability claims. 

As members of the RFAS, and ISCC certified traders of renewable fuels, we ensure that the Renewable Diesel we supply meets strict criteria for GHG emissions, feedstock sustainability and transparent supply chains. 

Renewable Fuels Assurance Scheme

Watson Fuels have been approved as certified members of the Renewable Fuels Assurance Scheme (RFAS).

The RFAS scheme enables businesses to have confidence in the greenhouse gas (GHG) emission reductions as a result of their Renewable Diesel purchase, and the sustainability credentials of their fuel’s feedstocks.

Sourcing your HVO fuel through a member of the RFAS scheme means you’ll have guaranteed traceability of your order, and will receive quarterly certification that helps you evidence your business’ sustainability credentials.  

Watson Fuels follows the RFAS requirement to supply renewable and/or low carbon fuels. Our RFAS reference number is WF-P20/23. 




International Sustainability and Carbon Certification

International Sustainability and Carbon Certification (ISCC) is an independent and leading certification system supporting sustainable, fully traceable, deforestation-free and climate-friendly supply chains. 

It provides a framework of rules that give customers confidence in the supply chain of the renewable fuels they are purchasing, as well as additional Proof of Sustainability certification for their business. 

We are proud to be one of only a handful of ISCC fuel suppliers in the UK.  Certified as a ‘trader with storage’, Watson Fuels can offer customers full Proof of Sustainability (POS) certification. 

For many of our customers, POS certification is will be critical in meeting compliance requirements and mitigating issues around sustainability claims.



Frequently Asked Questions

  • HVO is very similar in formulation to diesel, so it can be used in nearly all the same applications that you would use diesel. But it’s important to check with your manufacturer first – or our experts can look into this for you.

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*Source: Based on UK Government GHG scope 1 conversion factors per litre fuel.

**Source: Based on average emission reduction figures recorded by Neste as compared to those of conventional sulphur-free diesel. The findings are published in more than 40 scientific publications.

Watson Fuels follows the RFAS requirement to supply renewable and/or low carbon fuels. Our RFAS reference number is WF-P20/23.

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