Introducing Price Risk Management from Watson Fuels

The fluctuating cost of fuel puts pressure on margins, makes budgeting challenging, and can significantly hamper the realisation of your business plans. With over 65 years' experience of delivering fuel to the industry, Watson Fuels understands how the fluctuating nature of the market can impact your business. That's why we are excited about introducing our range of price risk management products.

With our simple, effective price risk management solutions, we can help you place your business on a fuel agreement that matches your ongoing needs, giving you greater control over your future fuel spending.

Fixed Forward Pricing

Our Fixed Forward Pricing (FFP) option enables you to purchase a fixed monthly volume of fuel, at a fixed price, for a specified future period (typically up to one year).

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Fixed forward pricing

Key features

      • Known fuel cost removes uncertainty and aids the budgeting processes

      • Volume can be delivered across multiple delivery locations

      • Ability to roll volume forward (subject to price agreement)

      • 'Take or pay' will apply. Once committed to lifting a specified volume, you must either take the agreed volume or cover the cost of the product.

Frequently asked questions

  • You will still be locked into the price, but you will have price certainty allowing you to budget effectively.