Plan. Act. Recover.

Our technical solutions ensure continuity for your critical fuel operations and protect you against the business and environmental risks associated with storing liquid fuels.

Our current customers span across a wide range of sectors and industries, including manufacturing, construction, utilities, and transportation in both the public and private sectors. Delivered through our team of experts and selected external partners, we help our clients Plan, Act and Recover.

  • Our Plan solutions help to prevent emergency situations by helping you understand your fuel infrastructure and build response plans to respond when faced with the unexpected.
  • Our Act solutions are there to help when your fuel systems need maintenance, replacement or development.
  • Our Recover solutions are there to help when incidents occur, responding to emergency situations, protecting the environment and keeping critical operations running.

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What our customers say

“We’ve been really impressed with our Fuel Management System from World Kinect. The online portal is simple to use and easy to navigate. The system is a great tool for monitoring efficiency and tracking LPH (litre per hour) fuel usage. Everyone got used to using the fobs quickly and it’s improved our fuel security tenfold.”

Christopher Allen,
Deputy Quarry Manager, FCC Environment

Our Plan solutions help our customers to:

  • prevent emergency situations (such as fuel spills or tank
    failure) from arising;
  • fully understand their fuel infrastructure, future needs and
    upcoming costs;
  • predict and protect the life cycle of key fuel assets;
  • be prepared on how to respond when faced with the

Our Plan solutions include:

Site surveys, tank audits, and tank testing

Our site survey and tank audit services can help you
understand the size, scale and condition of your fuel
infrastructure, including fuel tanks, separators and drains.
Through non-destructive testing methods, we assess the
integrity and strength of your existing infrastructure without
compromising on serviceability.

Planned preventative maintenance for fuel systems

Fuel tanks and storage infrastructure require regular
maintenance to ensure correct operation, prevent downtime
and meet safety requirements. Our team can help to run
regular cycles of Planned Preventative Maintenance to keep
your key infrastructure operational.

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Our Act solutions help our customers to:

  • maintain or replace your fuel storage systems if needed
  • supply and install new fuel storage assets
  • manage and monitor your liquid fuel inventory
  • ensure the ongoing quality and compliance of your fuel
  • keep critical operations fuelled, wherever and whenever

Our Act solutions include:

Fuel tank supply, installation and engineering services

We can assist with virtually all requirements associated with
the supply and installation of new static fuel tanks for all
commercial and industrial operations, from sale and delivery
of steel tanks from industry-leading tank manufacturers, to
full management and provision of civil works and testing and
commissioning of newly-installed assets. Our experts can
also manage the safe and compliant decommissioning and
disposal of your old fuel infrastructure.

Fuel management and monitoring systems

As bulk fuel stocks increase in value, many customers are
seeking the control, visibility and peace of mind that fuel
management and monitoring systems can offer. We offer a
range of monitoring and management solutions, including
metered dispensing through fob or RFID, tank telemetry,
full litre-by-litre reporting and reconciliation and alarms for
sudden-drops or overfills. These can be installed to new
tanks, or (subject to tank suitability) retrofitted to existing

Fuel polishing

We can also carry out fuel filtration, fuel polishing, additisation and tank cleaning to remove contaminants and prevent costly issues.

Specialist fuel and tank quality services

Fuel sampling can help ascertain the quality and purity of
liquid fuel supplies and determine whether remediation
activity may be needed. Our teams carry out fuel sampling
and testing in UKAS-accredited labratories, to EN ISO

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Our Recover solutions help our customers to:

  • respond quickly to urgent spills and disasters
  • provide full Incident Control services, working with
    appropriate authorities, services and agencies
  • receive critical fuel supplies in disaster situations
  • safely recover and dispose of hazardous fuel waste supplies
  • repair and restore tank storage assets

Our Recover solutions include:

Rapid environmental response and fuel spill services

We offer a rapid spill response, deploying highly trained, specialist teams to tackle and dispose of hazardous fuel materials and other pollutants. We can also supply spill kits and equipment for on-site containment, as well as managing the remediation of any contaminated land.

Fuel uplift and waste disposal

Our teams are fully trained and licensed to safely uplift and transfer all types of fuel, as well as collect and safely dispose of commercial and industrial waste petroleum products in accordance with the Hazardous Waste Regulations.

Tank and storage infrastructure remediation and upgrading

We can maintain and repair all types of above- or belowground storage tanks to a safe and compliant status within a short timeframe, preventing downtime and reducing the risk of tank failure.

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