Innovative fuel monitoring

Reduce the risk of costly run-outs

Tankscout links into our fuel and lubricant delivery system. When the level of fuel in your tank drops below a specified level, we can automatically raise an order for your next delivery to ensure you always have enough fuel.

A more efficient ordering and delivery process

A complete fuel management system, Tankscout eliminates the need for manually dipping tanks and improves ordering efficiencies, helping to reduce the number of deliveries to your site.

Regular updates

Receive regular email notifications of your latest fuel levels, and access your latest tank readings on your desktop PC, or on the move on your tablet or smartphone. Plus, check and manage multiple tanks from a single user account.

A greater understanding of your consumption

Tankscout gives you access to your latest tank readings online and via your smartphone. This helps you monitor how much fuel you are using each day and gives you a greater understanding of your consumption.

Why Tankscout fuel monitoring?

Fuel is a valuable commodity and for many years, oil customers have simply relied on the manual dipping or physical checking of sight tubes to keep on top of their usage.

These methods occasionally work but are reliant on consistent physical monitoring and only offer a snapshot of information at the point the tank is checked. They are also ineffective in the case of a theft or a leaking tank.

Our Tankscout fuel monitoring system has been developed to not only ensure you have ready access to your current fuel level no matter where you are but to provide valuable insight into your fuel usage over time.

The informative user-friendly Tankscout customer portal provides historical usage data in a simple graph format making it easier for you to monitor your usage.

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Login to Tankscout

Our Tankscout portal is the key to seeing how much fuel is in your tank, from wherever you are. Login below to remotely monitor your tank levels on your phone, tablet or computer.

Login to Tankscout

It couldn't be simpler

We will contact you to arrange an installation date. Once your Tankscout has been installed, we will provide you with login details and instructions for viewing your readings online.

1. Install Tankscout

Our wireless Tankscout device is quickly and securely fitted to your fuel tank by our qualified installation engineers. At a time to suit you.

2. View readings

Tankscout measures the contents of your fuel tank and transmits the fuel level to Your local depot will also have visibility of your fuel levels.

3. Schedule delivery

Delivery can be automatically scheduled in line with your preferred trigger level to ensure you receive top-ups when you need them most.

Tankscout benefits at work

Intuitive and informative Tankscout customer portal.

Automatic top-ups, customer-defined trigger levels, can be altered during peak times.

Historical consumption data, helping you to plan ahead.

Centralised monitoring is ideal if you have more than one tank you need to monitor.

Additional security for your fuel stock.

Immediate remote access to your tanks' levels from desktop, tablet, or smartphone.

The smarter way to monitor your fuel & lubricant consumption

Our user-friendly customer portal helps to ensure you no longer need to rely on manually dipping your fuel tanks as Tankscout enables you to remotely access your fuel levels wherever you are.

Whether you are responsible for managing a single tank at one location or multiple tanks across the country, storing various products we will make accessing your tanks' levels straightforward. 

Tankscout will enable you to maintain, control, and securely monitor the fuel & lubricant consumption across your business, providing regular updates and email notifications when you reach your pre-defined trigger level.

We also offer a fully managed fuel delivery service providing trigger-driven top-up deliveries which can be tailored to your requirements ensuring the resilience of supply and leaving you to concentrate on the work at hand.

Add Tankscout to your account for smarter fuel and lubricant monitoring

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