Carbon offsetting is an easy and cost-effective way to reduce your carbon footprint.

A home heating oil carbon offset counts as a reduction in greenhouse gas emissions elsewhere, compensating for the emissions your heating oil produces at home.


How does carbon offsetting work?

All liquid fuels release greenhouse gases (including CO2 and NOx) into the atmosphere as part of the combustion process. Carbon offsetting reduces or captures the same amount of carbon dioxide to compensate for all these emissions. We calculate your home heating oil’s emissions using the CO2 equivalent (CO2E). It is a metric used to convert the net impact of all the oil’s greenhouse gases into an equivalent amount of carbon dioxide with the same global warming potential. All liquid fuel types have a CO2E conversion factor. This helps us to measure the impact of your home heating oil, so that we can offset it.


How can I buy Carbon Offset Heating Oil from Watson Fuels?

Carbon Offset Heating Oil is available through our myWatson online portal or mobile app, or you can speak to one of our team over the phone to place your order.

We’re working with our sustainability colleagues at World Kinect Energy Services to offer carbon offsetting to all our customers. It is available on our standard heating oil and premium kerosene products.

You won’t need to change your system to switch to Carbon Offset Heating Oil. It is the same oil, just with a proportion of the cost designated for supporting carbon reduction projects.


Carbon offset home heating oil

When you buy Carbon Offset Heating Oil from Watson Fuels, you’ll pay slightly more per litre, as a proportion of the price you pay goes directly towards projects that compensate for the carbon impact of the oil you’re using.

By choosing to purchase Carbon Offset Heating Oil, you’ll be lowering your carbon footprint by directly contributing to the global carbon projects we’re partnering with, and the UN Sustainable Development Goals they are supporting.

To place your order for Carbon Offset Heating Oil, simply call your local office and ask to switch. Or, for further information, click below to send us any questions.

Ask our customer services team about offsetting

Use our carbon calculator to help understand your CO2 impact.

Simply calculate your carbon emission equivalent and understand the CO2 impact of your fuel use.


Calculate your CO2 impact


We only source carbon offsets from verified international projects

Our carbon offsets are independently verified against international standards. These standards ensure the emission reductions are real, additional, permanent and unique.

Our offsets are sourced by our expert sustainability colleagues at World Kinect Energy Services, and meet one or more of the below standards and certifications.

We’re currently sourcing carbon offsets from carefully selected renewable energy projects across India.

Where do our offsets come from?
The offsets we source are procured from a range of solar and wind projects across India.

Which standards do these offsets meet?
As a minimum, these projects meet Gold Standard or Verified Carbon Standard (VCS).

What time period do our carbon offsets represent?
Our offsets represent reductions happening in the last five years.

Which UN Sustainable Development goals do these projects support?

These projects support:
Goal 7 - Ensure access to affordable, reliable, sustainable and modern energy for all
Goal 13 - Take action to combat climate change and its impacts.

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