Watson Fuels is pleased to announce the opening of two new bunker refuelling sites located in Sheerness, on the Isle of Sheppey in Kent, and in the Canada Dock area of Liverpool. Conveniently located outside ports, they are in excellent locations for companies filling up before or after delivering goods.

Completely automated, the sites are open 24/7, 365 days a year. They are also HGV accessible and offer diesel, gas oil and AdBlue, helping businesses reduce their fleet’s overall downtime.

Nichola Lunt, Head of Fuel Cards at Watson Fuels commented: “Sheerness and Liverpool are both ideal locations for our new bunker sites. They are two busy ports that many fleets pass through on a daily basis. Following the success of these two sites, we are now looking to open more automated refuelling sites in strategic points for our customers.”

The new Sheerness and Liverpool refuelling sites are part of the UK Fuels, Texaco Fastfuel and Keyfuels fuel card networks, joining more than 3,500 sites across the UK. Drivers can use any of these fuel cards onsite as a convenient, cost-effective and secure way to refuel. Businesses that take advantage of fuel cards also benefit from significant savings, centralised reporting, product controls and security against theft. Even businesses with bulk tanks or fleet fuelling services can use fuel cards as a back-up for convenient refuelling on the go.

Watson Fuels is a leading provider of fuel solutions for businesses across the country. It offers a complete solution, including bulk fuel, fuel cards, storage, monitoring services and Carbon Offset fuel, helping businesses to meet their cost, convenience and sustainability targets.

The addresses for the new sites are:

Watson Fuels Sheerness
Garrison Road
Sheerness Docks
ME12 1RD

Watson Fuels Liverpool
South Side Sandhills Lane
L5 9XN