What is an SCR System and what does it mean for your vehicles?

Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) System

In an SCR system AdBlue® (a mixture of purified water and urea) is injected into the SCR catalyst, this reacts with the harmful NOx emissions to create nitrogen, water and carbon dioxide -reducing emissions by up to 95%. Vehicles with SCR Systems need their AdBlue replenishing to continue to function as sensors can block the vehicle starting without adequate AdBlue.

SCR systems are usually closed units, any deposits or contamination could result in the system failing and costly replacement so it is crucial that the AdBlue is kept free from possible contaminates. Watson Fuels have a range of supply solutions, from IBCs and canisters to bunded AdBlue tanks and pumps.

Diesel Oxidisation Catalysts (DOC) perform a similar function to the SCR systems using a catalyst to cause a chemical reaction that removes harmful emissions from the exhaust gas. However unlike SCR systems, a DOC does not require AdBlue to operate.

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