What is Delo 600 ADF?

With Delo 600 ADF lubricants, you get protection for both the engine and emissions system of your on- and off-highway vehicles. There are two products available, Delo 600 ADF SAE 10W-30 with OMNIMAX™ and Delo 600 ADF SAE 15W-40 with OMNIMAX™.

Each is designed to provide protection to both diesel engines and their engine after-treatment systems, making them ideal for everything from tractors to construction vehicles to transportation fleets.

These premium-performance lubricants deliver outstanding system protection for all kinds of vehicles. They work to protect the diesel particulate filter (DPF), more than doubling service intervals (up to 2.5x increase), reducing vehicle downtime and servicing costs.

Both engine oils meet the latest emissions standards, including Euro VI and off-highway EU Stage IV and V.

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Premium lubricants designed to reduce downtime

Delo 600 ADF heavy-duty engine oil is a premium choice that offers excellent value for money. With better protection and improved efficiency for your engines and emissions systems, these high-quality lubricants are designed to reduce costs for your business in the long term.

They’re helping agricultural, construction, transportation, and other businesses manage fleets to minimise the time their vehicles are out of action. Thanks to increased uptime, you can expect better performance across your operations. You can also look forward to improved fuel efficiency, helping to lower the costs of your diesel.

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Less DPF maintenance

Delo 600 ADF creates 60% less ash build-up in the DPF, which can extend DPF cleaning intervals up to 2.5 times*. That means less servicing, reduced vehicle downtime, and lower maintenance costs for your business.

Better fuel economy

Thanks to the reduced ash build-up, Delo 600 ADF ultra-low ash engine oil reduces back pressure in engine systems. The result is an average 3%** fuel efficiency over a DPF’s operational lifecycle when compared to conventional 1% low ash oils. When you’re managing a fleet, 3% saving makes a significant difference to your bottom line.

Extended drain intervals

Using Chevron’s patented OMNIMAX™ technology, Delo 600 ADF heavy-duty engine oils prevent breakdowns at high operating temperatures. As a result, they help extend engine oil life and drainage intervals, reducing vehicle downtime.

* Delo 600 ADF extends DPF service life by 2.5x  ** On average, throughout DPF lifetime

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And we’re continuing to grow, supporting more businesses every year with a high-quality, reliable fuel and lubricants supply.

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