Are you using the correct gas oil for your tractors and off highway machinery?

Engines used within modern off-highway machinery continue to increase in sophistication. It is important that customers are using the correct gas oil product for their machinery, as specified by manufacturers.

In 2011, it became a requirement that all fuel used in off-highway mobile machinery must comply with EU Ultra Low Sulphur Diesel (ULSD) regulations, and must therefore contain no more than 10mg of sulphur per kg of fuel. Since white road diesel (DERV) was already ULSD compliant at this time, it is often believed that the specifications for red diesel and white diesel have been identical since the regulation change. This is not the case.

There are two recognized standards of Gas Oil that are currently in use: BS 2869 Class A2 and BS 2689 Class D. Class A2 has a maximum sulphur content of 10ppm and is used for off road vehicles and equipment, while Class D has a maximum sulphur content of 1000 ppm and can only be used for heating or static generators. Class A2 gas oil may be used for either application.

However, neither of these meet the specification for white road diesel (BS EN590).

One of the key differences in specification between Class A2 Gas Oil and Road Diesel is in the fuels’ cetane values. BS EN590 has a higher cetane value than does BS 2869 which means it has a shorter ignition delay and therefore burns more efficiently and cleanly, leaving fewer deposits in the engine’s fuel injection combustion chamber.

With manufacturers for the off-highway sector continuously improving the technologies used within agricultural machinery engines, customers are advised to ensure that the most suitable fuel sources are being used. John Deere, in particular, specify that fuel used within their engines must comply with the higher BS EN590 white road diesel fuel specification in order to guarantee performance and avoid invalidating warranties.

As a solution, Watson Fuels is proud to offer Gas Oil 590 within its comprehensive range of fuel products. Available from Watson Fuels’ delivery locations at Wisbech, Great Yarmouth, Diss, Cambridge, Stevenage, Peterborough and Braintree, Gas Oil 590 meets the same BS EN590 specifications as white road diesel and is therefore suitable for use in farm machinery without the need for fuel treatments or additives.*

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*Please note that although Gas Oil 590 meets the specification for white road diesel it must not be used as road fuel.

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