Alternative Fuel Payment to be made via electricity suppliers

Following on from our last news story about Alternative Fuel Payments doubling. the government has said that it will make the Alternative Fuel Payment through electricity suppliers alongside the Electricity Bills Support Scheme Payments. The UK and Ireland Fuel Distributors Association (UKIFDA) expects the payments to come through in February for customers in the UK.

Householders who don’t have an account with an electricity supplier, those who are on the gas grid but choose to use heating oil, and those in park homes will be able to apply for the payment using a portal. Announcements about the portal are expected in January.

The Alternative Fuel Payment also applies to off-grid properties that use alternative fuels, such as heating oil, liquified petroleum gas, coal or biomass for heating. Domestic customers will receive a £200 support payment while commercial customers will receive a fixed £150 payment plus an additional top-up based on actual usage for those who show evidence of high usage.

We are waiting for an update on how the payment will be distributed to non-domestic customers.