25 October 2020

Protect your fleet this winter with our range of antifreeze and coolants

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20% of engine failures are caused by vehicle cooling systems, and 60% of water pump failures are due to seal breakdown. The right antifreeze and coolants are crucial for protecting your machinery, especially when the weather changes.

But what do antifreeze/coolants actually do?

Today’s engine coolants play a vital role in reducing fuel consumption and in meeting environmental requirements to decrease harmful emissions. The coolant (often called antifreeze) in an engine is there primarily to stop water from freezing or boiling in regular and extreme temperatures, and contains rust, corrosion and foaming inhibitors.

Not only is coolant important in the winter to prevent the water in your radiator from freezing, it also provides lubrication for the moving parts it meets inside your vehicle. It keeps the seals and gaskets supple, so they are less likely to harden and leak. There are also anti-corrosive properties in the coolant that protect metal pieces in the engine from corroding.

At Watson Fuels, we know the impact that winter weather can have on your output and why it’s extremely important to choose the right coolant for each engine. An inappropriate coolant might lead to problems which can result in the total breakdown of the engine. On a large scale, such as for fleets, it might quickly become a very expensive issue.

For over 60 years, we’ve been helping businesses nationwide prepare for cold spells by supplying antifreeze and coolants. Working in partnership with Texaco as an authorised distributor, we provide antifreeze and coolants that work across the seasons to simplify the maintenance of your cooling system and protect against freezing.

Our latest report on antifreeze fluids and engineer coolants includes advice on how to protect your vehicles during unsettled weather conditions. Download today to find out how to protect your fleet against unpredictable weather. Call 0845 601 1253 to speak to one of our lubricants experts about selecting the right antifreeze for your vehicles.

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