29 April 2019

The clock is ticking to replace your old fuel bowsers


In 2004 certain dangerous goods were reclassified as combustible and flammable liquids. The reclassification led to new road carriage requirements regulated by the ADR. To allow the industry time to adapt, ADR issued a 15 year authorisation that runs between 10th May 2004 until 9th May 2019.

What does that mean for my business?

It might be time to say goodbye to your old bowser if it was manufactured before 2004. Some bowsers manufactured before 10th May 2004 were authorised as an intermediate bulk container (IBC), given certain conditions were met. However, if these conditions weren't met then the bowser will not be allowed from the 9th May 2019. Bowsers that were manufactured after May 10th 2004 are required to meet the standard of an IBC under ADR regulations so should already comply

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How can Watson Fuels help?

We work in partnership with industry leaders, including Western Global, to provide best-in-class fuel and lubrication storage tanks. Our complete range offers options for fuel, lubricants and AdBlue in a choice of shapes and sizes to suit your project.

Whether you need to replace your bowser with a bulk stationery tank or a transportable tank for machinery on the move, contact our expert team:

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