26 June 2018

Watson Fuelcards boosts customer mobile productivity with new partnership

26 June: Watson Fuelcards has partnered with innovative tech start-up AutoTrip, to help fleet customers better manage their mileage data throughout the business.  By teaming up with the automated mileage claims software provider, Watson Fuelcards will offer a more efficient and accurate end-to-end platform, reducing the time spent on recording, reporting and compensating business trips.

Taking the pain out of mileage

Stats from AutoTrip show that drivers spend two hours per month on mileage reporting – the equivalent of three working days a year.  Managers and accounts then need to approve, store and process the reclaims. AutoTrip ensures all business mileage is recorded accurately - avoiding the risk of missed trips; via a GPS device and simple to use software, Watson Fuelcard customers can automatically record driving trips into accurate mileage claim reports with maps of each trip.

Watson Fuelcards’ new partnership will further enhance mobile productivity, with both driving and accounting staff saving time. It also supports an environmentally efficient approach, as AutoTrip’s platform identifies energy saving opportunities, with CO2 totals included in every report. It is HMRC compliant.

Supporting innovation

Andrew Watson, Fuelcard Director at Watson Fuelcards comment, “We know that recording business miles is a headache for many of our existing and potential customers. We wanted to create a way to make it easier, quicker and more cost-effective for companies to manage their fleet data better. We’re delighted to be partnering with an innovative platform like AutoTrip, who share our commitment to great user experience.”

Brook Kennedy, Commercial Director at AutoTripadds, “Most people driving for business spend a lot of wasted time recording and reporting their business trips in a very manual way. We want to make this tedious task much easier for the driver, and at the same time make mileage claims more accountable for businesses. We’re thrilled to collaborating with an organisation like Watson Fuelcards, helping us simplify mileage for even more customers.”

More information about Watson Fuelcards is available here.


About Watson Fuelcards
Watson Fuelcards is the specialised fuel card sales team within the Watson Fuels group; suppliers of fuel and lubricants to businesses, farms and homes across the country for over 50 years. Watson Fuelcards offers a nationwide fuel card service for fleets of any size. For over 10 years, our experienced and independent sales team has provided industry leading account management and service to an ever expanding customer base across the UK.

A World Fuel Services company, we have the backing of an innovative and customer focused energy company that has an extensive portfolio of high-quality fuel products and services in the UK and beyond. Watson Fuelcards is based in Wiltshire and headed up by Andrew Watson.

About AutoTrip
AutoTrip is radically improving the way drivers in the workforce manage their daily lives, taking the mundane and tedious task of logging mileage expenses, and automating it through an easy to use software solution. AutoTrip's industry-leading mileage capture system and machine learning techniques intelligently collate data points to improve trip accuracy and to ensure drivers get rid of expense forms for good. Learn more at https://autotrip.co.uk/.