We’re committed to helping our customers plan and progress their respective energy transitions.

For all customers, we can now offer carbon offset fuel, allowing you to lower your carbon footprint without changing the type of fuel you use. See more >

And for our commercial clients, our expert colleagues at World Kinect Energy Services can support on every step of the journey. From understanding your current carbon impact and developing a robust sustainability plan, to sourcing renewable energy and offsetting emissions, our global team has a proven track record in providing custom sustainability consultations and solutions.

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Four Steps to Net Zero

There are any number of ways for your organization to achieve carbon reduction, but only a few that work for both the environment and your bottom line. No matter where you’re starting from, World Kinect’s 4-phased approach will guide you through every step of your sustainability journey:

STEP1: Develop a carbon reduction plan

Are your customers, employees, investors, and other stakeholders asking about your carbon reduction plans? Our experts can help you plan for net zero, and navigate the global carbon regulatory landscape.

    • Carbon Reduction Strategy & Workshops
    • Carbon Footprint Reporting
    • Carbon Compliance Services

STEP 2: Reduce energy use

Energy efficiency should always be your first port of call along your sustainability journey. As part of our carbon reduction strategy, we’ll help you identify efficiency measures that help you to reduce your usage, lower carbon emissions, and reduce bottom-line costs.

STEP 3: Source renewable energy and fuel

Understand your options - whether you are looking to source renewable power or liquid fuel, we can tailor a solution to suit your needs.

    • PPAs / VPPAs
    • Renewable Energy Certificates and iRECS
    • Renewable Diesel HVO 

Find out more about our Renewable Diesel offer here

STEP 4: Offset carbon emissions

Carbon offsets are a useful tool for managing residual emissions - purchase carbon offsets with confidence from World Kinect Energy Services trusted portfolio of projects. Agnostic of any one project developer, World Kinect's only source carbon offsets from projects that have been independently verified against international standards. These standards provide a methodology, independent verification process and registry that ensures emission reductions are real, additional, permanent and unique. 

Find out more about our offsetting solutions here