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About Premium Kerosene

Choosing the right fuel is a really simple way to improve the efficiency and life of your heating system

Our Premium Kerosene is more than just fuel. It helps keep your boiler and cooker clean, increasing efficiency and reliability. Perfect for staying warm and cosy at home.


What is Premium Kerosene?


Our Premium Kerosene is a home heating oil that has been treated with specialist fuel additives to make it burn more cleanly and efficiently than standard kerosene.

Over time, this can help improve the operating efficiency of your heating system and help to reduce the amount of oil you use.

How does it work?
The blend of additives in our Premium Kerosene works by stabilising the fuel in your tank, working to reduce the spoilage of your fuel and keeping it fresh for longer. Improving the shelf-life of your fuel helps to reduce the build-up of carbon and sludge in your heating system, and ensures your fuel burns cleanly at all times.

Premium Kerosene from Watson Fuels is available for use in both Boilers and Cookers:

Premium Kerosene for Boilers
Suitable for use in all oil-fired boilers. You can switch to Premium Kerosene at any time, with no need to drain the existing fuel in your tank.

Premium Kerosene for Cookers
Premium Kerosene for Cookers is a Premium Kerosene specially optimised for use in oil-fired cookers such as AGAs and Rayburns. If your cooker and heating system both feed from the same fuel tank, order our Premium Kerosene for Cookers for optimum performance.

The benefits

There are plenty of reasons why you should make the switch to Premium Kerosene:

Clean and efficient
Keeps your heating running smoothly by reducing the build up of sediment.

Better for your boiler
Reduces service problems for boilers and cookers.

Works with your current system
You don’t need to make any modifications to your current system.

Fuel lasts longer
Extends the shelf life of fuel in your tank, perfect if you only top up twice a year.