Why we are confident in our supply

Following more than two months of lockdown, we are now entering a new phase of the COVID-19 pandemic. As some restrictions are eased, we are beginning to see businesses adapt, operations restart and demand fluctuating. It is now more important than ever to make sure your supply chain is robust, and able to support these changes in demand.

At Watson Fuels, we have been providing UK companies with high quality fuel and lubricants and outstanding service for over 60 years. Now, alongside World Kinect Energy Services, we are able to offer a broader range of solutions, adding value to our customers’ operations across their entire energy supply.

Maintaining the strength of our supply chain

Global supply chains are being tested. However, at Watson Fuels, we have built strong relationships and with World Kinect Energy Services we have the robust global supply chain our customers need. We’re confident we can keep managing resources effectively as the full impact of Covid-19 unfolds.

By closely monitoring our supply, we are quickly adjusting to changes in the market. We’ve also built contingency plans, so that we can effectively deal with logistics or delivery challenges. Our priority is keeping people safe and meeting our customers’ needs.

Strong together

Through World Kinect Energy Services, we have strengthened our ability to meet the full energy needs of our customers. With over 60 years’ experience supporting companies across the UK, we understand your business and can help you take the next steps to push your energy management to the next level.

Who are World Kinect Energy Services?

Formed at the end of 2019, World Kinect Energy Services is part of World Fuel Services. By working together, our service and expertise has expanded, to offer businesses a complete fuel and energy solution.

We can now help you get more out of every stage of the energy management process.

Physical supply

From liquid fuel and natural gas to electricity, water and solar.

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Procurement and Price Optimisation

Secure and manage the best suppliers.
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Price Risk Management

Providing budgetary certainty and protection for fluctuating costs.
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Data Management

Better use data for strategic and tactical decision-making.
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Zero emission strategies and regulatory compliance advice.
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Minimising Downtime

The need for flexible supply chain

Nearly all businesses are being challenged to work in a flexible way at the moment. We’re seeing some manufacturers, logistics companies and construction firms working around the clock to meet demand and keep their staff at safe working distances.

Minimising downtime is a key priority, and oil and lubricants will be essential for meeting changing demand and maximising efficiency. Bulk buying and storage capabilities can provide certainty of supply and are also a cost-effective way to manage your fuel. We also recommend fuel cards for firms that need their workers to top up regularly on-the-go, particularly for transportation.

Always here for you

With many businesses under pressure, keeping costs low is a priority. Our price risk management team is working closely with our customers to manage budgets with flexibility.

Lots of businesses are encouraged by current low oil prices, but demand is expected to increase as the industry picks up in the coming months and predicting the impact on oil prices is difficult. Working together with World Kinect Energy Services and our price risk management team, we are helping businesses plan for fluctuations in the market and shifts in demand whilst protecting their budget.

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