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We work in partnership with global tank suppliers, including Kingspan, Western Global and other market leading tank manufacturers, to provide a range of secure and reliable bunded tanks for businesses nationwide. 

If you need a fuel management system, oversight of who is drawing off fuel, or easy-access fuel transport, we can help.


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Business benefits

Bulk fuel storage to fit your business

Flexible storage solutions

Fully bunded oil tanks can be supplied as a standby tank or as a complete, full-storage package with pumping equipment and fuel management systems. Store more fuel onsite by linking tanks together to provide unlimited storage capacity. 

Fuel transport

Transport fuel safely and efficiently with a range of mobile, large-capacity tanks. Watson Fuels offer a variety of portable tank solutions for your business, allowing for rapid deployment of fuel and simple relocation for your filling points.

Fuel management station

For fleet refuelling or dispensing fuel, tanks can become complete fuel management systems. Providing convenient fuelling points on site, reducing the risk of spills and unnecessary vehicle movements. 

Benefit from reduced costs

We can provide increased storage capabilities for fuel critical operations, giving you the option to buy in bulk with flexing purchase volume to obtain cheaper price-per-litre rates.

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Our range of tanks

A complete range of bunded tanks

Stationary tanks

Improved fuel usage visibility and increased volume for storage. Large capacity fuel tank solutions allow you to bulk order your fuel purchases, saving your business money.

Transportable tanks

We can provide a wide range of bowsers, designed for bulk fuel transfer and emergency fuel supply. So you always have fuel, just where you need it.

Metal tanks

If you are looking for a robust storage tank, we can provide a range of metal tanks offer durability and security. Steel tanks provide flexible, cost effective solutions to meet the needs of your business.

Plastic tanks

A lightweight solution, we provide a range of plastic bunded tanks, offering simple installation and a seamless design to increase reliability over the long-term.

High quality storage solutions

A variety of fuel options

Fuel and diesel tanks

Offering superior security and versatility for stationary and mobile fuelling applications. Fuel tanks make bulk ordering fuel purchases easier and quicker, letting you focus on what's important.

Lubricants tanks

Secure and reliable, these tanks are long-lasting and easy to use, designed for the secure storage of lubricants and manufactured to the highest quality.

Heating oil tanks

We offer a variety of bunded tank types, sizes and capacities for commercial applications. Choose from stationary, transportable, plastic or metal.

AdBlue® tanks

Keep your AdBlue® free from contamination and resistant to structural damage with increased safety and monitoring options, in a size that works for your business.

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Only the best

Our tank suppliers

As part of World Kinect Energy Services, we work with Western Global, Kingspan and other market leading tank manufacturers, to offer businesses the very best variety in metal and plastic tanks.

Western Global

Western Global are experts in the fuel tank industry and a leading provider of metal tanks and dispensing equipment. Working together, we provide businesses with the best product for their needs, wherever they are in the world, by providing a cost-effective, environmentally friendly, and reliable source of fuel.



For over 40 years, Kingspan has led the market by manufacturing innovative plastic storage solutions for responsibly storing, dispensing and protecting Diesel, AdBlue, Oil and liquid fertiliser for the commercial, industrial, agriculture and domestic markets.

Something else in mind?

With over 60 years’ experience, we know the challenges businesses face, allowing us to create solutions that give our customers the reliability and simplicity they need.


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Understand your fuel consumption


Our Tankscout fuel monitoring system is a stress free way of managing your fuel or lubricant supply.

Reduce the risk of costly run-outs

Tankscout links into our fuel and lubricant delivery system. When the level of fuel in your tank drops below a specified level, we can automatically raise an order for your next delivery to ensure you always have enough fuel.


A more efficient ordering and delivery process

A complete fuel management system, Tankscout eliminates the need for manually dipping tanks and improves ordering efficiencies, helping to reduce the number of deliveries to your site.


Regular updates

Receive regular email notifications of your latest fuel levels, and access your latest tank readings on your desktop PC, or on-the-move on your tablet or smartphone. Plus, check and manage multiple tanks from a single user account.


Greater understanding of your consumption

Tankscout gives you access to your latest tank readings online and via your smartphone. This helps you monitor how much fuel you are using each day and gives you a greater understanding of your consumption.


It couldn't be simpler

We will contact you to arrange an installation date. Once your Tankscout has been installed, we will provide you with login details and instructions for viewing your readings online.


Join thousands of customers already monitoring their fuel

We've helped customers across the UK in construction, manufacturing, transport and agriculture industries have a better understanding of their fuel consumption.


Here to help

Discover the right solution

Our experienced team are dedicated to providing a reliable, efficient service, delivery and installation. We will work with you to find the right supply solution for your business.

To discuss your bulk fuel storage and monitoring requirements in more detail, submit an enquiry, or call our tank experts on 01666 511220


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