Selecting the right lubricant

Lubricants have an important role to play in making sure your machinery and vehicles are working efficiently. By reducing friction and providing a layer between metal surfaces they protect against wear and tear and keep everything running smoothly.

But not all lubricants are created equal. That’s why we encourage our customers to consider the full picture when deciding which lubricant is right for their business. It all comes down to answering these key questions.

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What is the right lubricant for my machinery?

Do I need OEM approved lubricants or ‘suitable for use’?

There are some important distinctions between lubricants that are OEM-approved and those that are ‘suitable for use’. All OEM-approved oils have undergone thorough testing by the manufacturer to make sure they perform to their strict criteria. Oils described as ‘suitable for use’, however, are usually designed in line with the OEM minimum specification but have not been tested or approved by the OEM. In many cases, your engine warranty won’t be protected if you choose an oil that is designed as ‘suitable for use’.

Our lubricant experts can help you navigate the difference between these labels. They’ll give you the information you need to make the right choice for your business, based on factors such as the age of your machinery.

Should I switch to a thinner lubricant?

In recent years, lubricants have become thinner to improve fuel efficiency. There’s a myth that thinner oils are unable to cope with the rigorous demands of heavy-duty engines, but the quality does depend on their specification. Advances in additive technology have enabled high-quality lubricants to reduce in viscosity while providing high levels of lubrication. In fact, thinner viscosity lubricants have been developed to support OEMs to reach their targets for lower fuel economy and reduced emissions.

Choosing a high-quality, thinner oil may be more cost-effective in the long-term, which is why you should speak to one of our experts for advice on quality and price when choosing your lubricant.

What is the right lubricant for my budget?

Can I save money by buying a lower-quality lubricant?

The price of a lower-quality lubricant may be attractive, but high-quality lubricants can offer long-term savings. By extending drain intervals, minimising upkeep and improving fuel efficiency by as much as 3%, they can reduce downtime and maintenance costs. Talking to us about your long- and short-term goals means we can give you a full picture of the pros and cons of each product based specifically on your circumstances.

You can also use this calculator to find out how much you can save with the right lubricants.

Delo fuel economy calculator

Do I need to replace my lubricant at every service?

Lots of people default to replacing their lubricants at every service interval, but it might not be necessary. You may find you can save money through condition monitoring. Our STAR sampling programme is independent from oil companies and run by our in-house condition monitoring specialist. We will test your lubricants and advise you on how to optimise your drain intervals, meaning you only change your oil when you need to.

Preventative oil analysis can also identify multiple threats to business continuity, such as lubricant contamination and potential equipment failure. By tackling these issues early, you can keep your vehicles and machinery working as hard as you do.

What is the right lubricant for my business?

How can I reduce the orders I place?

When you’re running an industrious business, you may find yourself placing lots of orders for different types of lubricants as and when each machine runs low. With some expert guidance, it’s often possible to consolidate your supply into fewer products. It can be difficult to assess which lubricants will work for multiple machines, but we can help you streamline your products to minimise the time you spend on supply management. You might also find it easier to bulk buy when you have fewer products to manage, which brings further cost savings.

Will there be much choice if I order late?

We know that ordering lubricant isn’t always your top priority. Many of our customers often don’t realise that they need more lubricant until they’re running very low! If this sounds familiar, don’t worry. We have high levels of stock and quick delivery times, so we can work with you to keep your operations running smoothly.

How can I avoid running out of lubricant?

If you order your lubricants in bulk, we recommend using Tankscout to monitor your usage. The device sends you real-time updates on the level of lubricant in your tank, and once this dips below a certain amount, we will automatically place an order so you never run out.

To find out how to make your lubricant supply more suitable for your machinery, budget and business, contact our team for your free assessment.

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