Delivering for home, farm and business since 1957

 For over 65 years, Watson Fuels have delivered quality and service to homes, farms and business across the UK.

Now, as part of the World Kinect family, we’re delivering a new range of solutions to help support our customers on their energy transitions, and help the UK decarbonise.

We’re evolving to support our customers

We remain committed to delivering the liquid fuels needed by our customers to power key heating and transportation applications.

However, we’re also developing a new range of products and services, designed to help our customers to reduce carbon and, eventually, to transition to more sustainable sources of heating and power.

It’s a transition that will take decades, but one we’re proud to be playing a part in.

What is the energy transition? Our blog explains


Making change make sense

We’ll also be providing resources that can help our customers better understand what ‘the energy transition’ really means, and how they can start thinking about making changes required to their homes and businesses.

This includes the blogs and educational content that we’ll publish on this site, as well as our FAQ resources.

Read our Frequently Asked Questions

Guided by sustainability experts, and working with leading third-party partners

As a World Kinect company – a Fortune 100 company with over 160,000 business customers across 200 countries – we’re able to access the insights of our decarbonisation experts and leverage the experience and learnings of decades of experience in the global energy sector.

We’re also working with specially-selected third party partners to reliably deliver proven, world-class sustainability solutions alongside the fuels we’re known for.