How do Fuel Cards work?

Fuel cards aggregate all payments across your fleet for petrol and/or diesel, as well as lubricants and AdBlue®. You’ll have one VAT-approved invoice, a single direct debit to pay and every fuel bill held in one place for HMRC. Whether you are looking for the best fuel card for a small business or want the most UK fuel card locations for your fleet, Watson fuel's card services have you covered.

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Find the right fuel card for your business

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Why use Fuel Cards?

Our range of fuel cards make staying on top of your fuel spend simple. Manage costs across your fleet, minimise admin time and save on fuel.

Save time

Fuel cards aggregate all payments across your fleet for petrol and/or diesel, lubricants, and AdBlue®. You’ll have: 

  • 1 VAT-approved invoice
  • 1 direct debit for payments
  • All in 1 place for HMRC

Get peace of mind

Most fuel cards allow you to specify exactly what can be purchased — and not purchased — from shop items to fuel and lubricant types. You can also set detailed restrictions and strict spending limits.


Reduce fuel cost

Whether you opt for wholesale or pump prices, a fuel card can give you access to lower rates. At Watson, we keep our pricing fair and reliable by ensuring we’re consistent with the market.



Get a complete picture of your fuel spend

With all your fuel spending centrally recorded, you can monitor fuel activity and miles per gallon on vehicles and drivers, drill down into transactions and take a view on what improvements can be made. This helps in assessing buying patterns, cost centre purchasing and fuel economy.

Stay in the Know

Whether you have a quick question about a new or existing fuel card or are interested in a deep dive into industry news, check out our FAQs and Knowledge Centre for information. Can’t find what you need? Our team is available on 01666 510612.


Quickly get answers to the most common questions about fleet fuel cards and how they can benefit and simplify your business.


Knowledge Centre

Scan our knowledge centre for industry news and blogs including customer success stories, best practices and tips to help you manage your fleet using fuel cards.

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About Watson Fuel Cards

We pride ourselves on our long customer relationships, excellent services and fair pricing. Our reach is now global, but that attitude hasn’t changed.

Our History

Watson Fuelcards has been helping businesses across the UK save admin time and optimise fuel spending for over 10 years. Our business is part of Watson Fuels, a nationwide supplier that’s been fuelling businesses since 1957. Our focus remains on delivering excellent customer service and fair pricing.

About us

Why choose Watson?

Watson Fuelcards offer tailored solutions for businesses of all sizes and a range of cards for every fleet. We are committed to fair and consistent pricing, dedicated account support and excellent customer service.

Take advantage of commercial rates when you fuel your fleet at bunker sites.

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Other Fuelling Options

Our team can help get the right fuelling solution in place for you, even if that means going beyond fuel cards. From bulk transfers to sustainable alternatives, Watson Fuelcards leverages the reach of World Kinect Corporation. Regardless of your energy challenge, we have the expertise you need to optimise your fuel spending.

Bulk Transfers

A bulk transfer is a transfer of stock directly into your Keyfuels or UK Fuels bunkering account, giving you the simplicity of purchasing fuel in bulk with the flexibility to draw that fuel from over 2,000 filling stations nationwide. Because we’re a part of World Kinect Corporation, we can offer bulk transfers directly from Watson Fuelcards, which can save you money and give your drivers access to the largest network of UK fuel stations.

Bulk Transfers

Sustainable Energy Options

Your business runs on power well beyond your fleet, and our expert colleagues at World Kinect Energy Services are here to support on every step of your decarbonisation journey. We can help you conduct an energy audit, explore onsite solar solutions and more.

Sustainable Energy Solutions