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For more than 60 years, businesses across the UK have been relying on Watson Lubricants to maximise efficiency and keep everything running smoothly.

Whatever your lubricant requirements, our excellent customer care, technical expertise and delivery service make us an industry-leading lubricant supplier. With our fully-stocked storage warehouses strategically located across the country, we’re able to offer a prompt and efficient delivery service, wherever you are.


Personal service with national coverage from a name you can trust. That’s what we’ve been delivering for over half a century.

Watson Lubricants are authorised distributors of Texaco and Petro-Canada Lubricants to cover applications in the agricultural, commercial, automotive, plant, off highway, manufacturing and industrial sectors. We have also developed a core range of products under our own brand, designed to offer outstanding value for money and available in a number of pack sizes, they meet OEM, ACEA and API specifications.

To discuss how we can deliver for you and to speak with your local lubricant consultant, please contact us on 0845 601 1253 or email sales@watsonlubricants.co.uk

Greater protection, greater performance

Engine Oils

Engine Oils

Extend drain intervals and prolong your fleet’s life with our petrol and diesel engine oils.

Coolants & Antifreeze

Coolants & Antifreeze

Keep your vehicles moving from season to season with the right coolant and antifreeze.

Hydraulic Oils

Hydraulic Oils

Increase productivity in construction, manufacturing and transportation with a smoother performance.

Greases and Lubricants

Greases and Lubricants

High performance, multi-purpose greases that provide long-term lubrication under extreme conditions.

Transmission Fluid

Transmission Fluid

Carefully selected heavy duty transmission oils that significantly extend drain intervals in on-road vechicles.

Our brands

High-performance lubricants from global brands

We provide a single point of contact for a complete lubricant solution - meaning you can leave the handling of your lubricant selection, procurement and delivery in the hands of our specialists. Our expert team works closely with you to ensure you buy only those products that best meet the needs of your vehicles and machinery.

We supply carefully selected brands and deliver solutions for many different industries – from agriculture to transport, construction to manufacturing, and mining to power generation.

Texaco® has been driving business performance and efficiency across Europe for more than 100 years. Today its broad product line-up has the power to help your organization run like a well-oiled machine. Its uniquely wide-ranging brand portfolio includes gear oils and greases, antifreeze and turbine oils, gas engine oils, hydraulic fluids and more from some of the biggest names in the lubricants sector.

The Petro-Canada Lubricants range of high-quality products is designed for companies working to tight schedules in extreme operating conditions. Its PURITY™ FG range of fluids and greases, for example, is NFS H1 approved and designed to meet the highest food industry safety standards – going beyond protecting equipment against extreme temperatures and contamination to actively reduce downtime and optimise production.

ISO Certifications


Watson Lubricants

Own brand lubricants to keep your business running smoothly

With more than 60 years’ experience behind us, we’ve created our own Watson Lubricants range of automotive, agricultural and industrial lubricants to deliver the essentials so many businesses are looking for. Available in several pack sizes, our products meet OEM, ACEA and API specifications for total peace of mind.

Watson Lubricants offer other products and services including oil testing, tank installations and waste oil collection. With products being readily available from our own range and other big name brands, our customers are able to get a fully integrated service, all in one place.


Smooth running for optimal efficiency for plant, off-highway, construction, and more

As an authorised distributor of Texaco and Petro-Canada lubricants, we stock and deliver a wide range of products which have been manufactured and approved for a range of applications in agricultural, automotive, commercial vehicle, plant, off highway, food and industrial sectors.

Slide - Passenger Vehicles

Passenger Vehicles

From garage to service station we have the automotive lubricant solution for your business and your customers.

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Slide - Commercial Vehicles

Commercial Vehicles

Reduce downtime and minimise costs with bumper to bumper protection from Texaco lubricants.

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Slide - Agriculture


We are there for you with top quality lubricants to keep your farm going through the seasons.

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Slide - Energy


Our high performance lubricants provide low maintenance performance for a variety of power-gen systems.

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Slide - Construction


Watson have vast experience supplying products for the varying needs of the construction industry.

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Slide - Manufacturing


As an authorised distributor of Petro Canada lubricants, we can supply the right lubricants for your operation.

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Antifreeze and coolants

Choosing the right antifreeze

Working in partnership with Texaco, we supply a complete range of high-quality antifreeze and coolants that work across the seasons to keep your maintenance simple and effective. It’s important to choose the right coolant and antifreeze to best protect your machines and engines from freezing and boiling temperatures that can cause corrosion.

Speak to one of our experts by calling 0845 601 1253 to find out which product you should be using for optimal performance or download the brochure below for more information


What is AdBlue®?

AdBlue® is a trademarked brand name for DEF (Diesel Exhaust Fluid) – a solution used within the Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) system in modern diesel engines. A highly-purified mixture of water and urea, AdBlue® passes through the SCR system during operation, and converts potentially harmful NOX emissions in exhaust gasses into a mixture of water vapour and nitrogen.  This system was been developed to help reduce air pollution created by modern vehicles and to meet Euro VI emissions legislation.

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