Fuel costs are one of the largest variable expenses to a fleet. Implementing a fuel card programme can keep your fuel spending under control and support measurable cost savings.

A best practice for companies that issue fuel cards for employees is to have a fuel card policy in place, which clearly states your expectations for how the cards should be used. We’ve compiled a few tips for creating a Driver Fuel Card Policy.

Draft the fuel card policy and get employee sign-off

  • Verify drivers understand the responsibilities and company’s policies regarding fuel card usage:
  • Who’s authorised to use the card?
  • What types of purchases are allowed? (fuel, gasoil, fuel lubes and oils)
  • When / where can the card be used?
  • Provide detailed instructions on how to use the card.

Assign the fuel cards correctly

Assign card by vehicle:

  • Do your drivers work in different vehicles everyday - or do they primarily stay in one? 
  • Do you have a high driver turnover rate?
  • Assign each driver a PIN per card, creating visibility to which driver fuelled the vehicle.

Assign card by driver:

Does the driver mainly drive the same vehicle?

Setup card controls (applies to certain cards)

Pro-tip: Avoid too strict of controls, but don’t set the limits too high.  

  • Place a volume or spend limit by transaction
  • Limit the number of transactions (or volume) per day
  • Identify day and time of day limits
  • Limit the type of fuel - which can help eliminate the wrong fuel type being used
  • Put geographic limits in place

Monitor fuel consumption

Use reports to understand money spent on fuel and by which driver.

  • View fuel transaction history by vehicle within your fleet. 
  • Monitor your fuel expense budget and compare purchases and mpg between vehicles.
  • Pinpoint potential fraud where fuel purchases exceeded the vehicle’s tank capacity or other unauthorised use.

Once a fuel card programme is in place, good customer service from your fuel card issuer can help further support your company’s success. 

Our Fuel Card Consultants are here to help. Give us a call on 01666 510612 and gain control of your fleet and fuel spends today.