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Watson Fuelcards is backed by one of the UK’s fastest growing fuel and lubricants companies, extending our expertise further than ever. Watson has been fuelling homes, farms and businesses since 1957. As a World Kinect Corporation company, we can also offer bulk transfers directly from Watson Fuelcards.


What is a bulk transfer?

A bulk transfer is the transfer of stock from Watson Fuelcards directly into your Keyfuels or UK Fuels bunkering account. Bulk transfers offer the simplicity of purchasing your fuel in bulk and the convenience of drawing that fuel at over 2,000 filling stations nationwide.


How does a bulk transfer work?

To draw fuel, bulk transfer customers will require a “bunker card” account with Keyfuels or UK Fuels direct. The network will deliver regular updates on stock levels and provide transaction reports. The customer can then go out to the market and purchase stock for the account in bulk.


Why would I use bulk transfers?

Enjoy commercial fuel rates and the option to purchase fuel via the live spot market or on a contract basis through Watson Fuelcards.


Bulk transfers also:

      • Remove fuel price uncertainty and aid the budgeting process since you decide when to buy your stock and at what price.
      • Are convenient for drivers since the bulk stock purchased can be drawn at over 2,000 filling stations nationwide.
      • Reduce risk since there is no need to store fuel on site.
      • Streamline fleet management by giving you one fuel card to run.
      • Offer peace of mind with simple and transparent pricing.


Learn more about bulk transfers.

Call Watson Fuelcards on 01666 510612 and ask to speak to our bulk transfer team. Alternatively, fill out the contact form and a specialist will be in touch.

Learn more about bulk transfers. Call 01666 510612 or complete this form.

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