Texaco® has been driving business performance and efficiency across Europe for more than 100 years.

Today its broad product line-up has the power to help your organization run like a well-oiled machine. Its uniquely wide-ranging brand portfolio includes gear oils and greases, antifreeze and turbine oils, gas engine oils, hydraulic fluids, and more from some of the biggest names in the lubricants sector.


Low maintenance performance lubricants for a variety of power generation systems.

Our family of Texaco branded gas engine products and services for power generation applications help provide:

  • Wear protection and increased engine life
  • Engine cleanliness and efficiency
  • Optimum drain intervals
  • Controlled operating costs
  • Reduced cost of buying power off the grid

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Keep going with Texaco Havoline

Since 1904, Havoline motor oils have used innovation and technology to protect engines against harmful deposits. We offer a range of OEM, ACEA and API approved products designed to help protect engine performance and the investment in your vehicle.

Whether you operate a garage servicing motor vehicles, an automotive retailer, or a service station supplying automotive products to motorists, we have the right solution for your business and your customers.

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Lubricants for the Off Highway sector

Watson Lubricants have vast experience of supplying products to the Off Highway sector. We deal with all manner of construction related businesses and offer the products and services to support your business.

We know that the correct maintenance of your valuable machinery is essential and as such we have an unbeatable range of Off Highway lubricants ideally suited to all your application needs.

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Delo durability for the mining, quarrying & construction industries


Welcome to the world of Delo

Our range of Texaco and Delo premium products are designed to give your fleet the protection it needs.

Whatever the size of your fleet, our team of lubricants experts can help to identify the right products to reduce downtime and optimise the efficiency of your operation.

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Improve performance and reduce downtime for on and off-road vehicles

Delo 600 ADF