What is industrial heating oil?

Our commercial heating oil is a drop-in replacement for gas oil (red diesel). It has been specifically blended to be used in boilers, dryers, and heaters. Costing less than gas oil and free from increasing government fuel levies, it is saving money for businesses across all sorts of industries, from factories, garages, and offices to schools, retail centres, and hospitals.

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Furnaceflame™ is a drop-in replacement for gas oil

We’ve developed Furnaceflame™ to directly replace regular gas oil (red diesel) wherever you’re using it for heating purposes. So, no matter how much gas oil you currently have in your tank, we can simply add Furnaceflame™ without needing to drain or modify your equipment.

Furnaceflame™ is a registered trademark of WFL (UK) Limited.

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Developed for heating performance

What makes Furnaceflame™ a more cost-effective commercial heating oil?

If you’re using gas oil for heating purposes, it often costs less to use Furnaceflame™. That’s because commercial heating oil doesn’t need to meet the exacting standards of fuel for off-road mobile plants, making it cheaper to produce. Plus, Furnaceflame™ is virgin oil that doesn’t need any costly additives.

Because Furnaceflame™ is for use in non-mobile commercial heaters, dryers, and burners, it isn’t subject to the extra government levies for fuel duty. That’s why we can offer it for a lower price than regular red diesel.

Furnaceflame™ is a high-quality industrial heating oil

Furnaceflame™ is high-quality industrial heating oil. Other alternative fuels on the market can contain components derived from waste oils, which can increase the risk of plant failure due to fouling and reduce the efficiency of heat transfer, racking up your fuel consumption.

Choose Furnaceflame™ and you’ll get a virgin oil sourced from the UK and European refineries that will keep your heaters, boilers, and dryers running efficiently. There will be no compromise on performance compared to your regular gas oil. Whether you manage an office, school, factory, or farm, you can be confident that Furnaceflame™ will offer the same reliable performance as regular gas oil. And it’s completely FAME-free, hugely reducing the risk of microbial spoilage from water contamination.

Save money and stay efficient with Furnaceflame

Compliant for BS2869:2017 Class D heating applications

FAME-free and virgin heating oil for businesses

Heating oil that saves your business money

Winter-grade all year round with zero risk of waxing

Switching to Furnaceflame™

You can use Furnaceflame™ across all static heaters, burners, and dryers. It’s fully miscible with gas oil or most industrial heating oils that you may be using.

That means you don’t need to drain your tank or modify it to switch to our commercial heating oil. All you need to do is order the amount of Furnaceflame™ you need. Our local experts will take care of the rest, delivering it to your business when it suits you.

If you use gas oil for more than heating, burning, and drying, speak to our team who will be able to see if a dual purpose or secondary tank could be a cost-effective solution for your business.

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