Winter and summer grade gas oils aren’t made equal. Both meet UK specifications for off-road mobile equipment, but winter grade oils contain an additive that prevents wax crystals forming at low temperatures. You can use winter gas oil all year round, but the summer grade should only be used in the warmer half of the year.

If you currently have summer grade gas oil in your tank, there are some steps you need to take to protect your fuel, vehicles and machinery before the cold weather hits.

You can find out more about the properties of winter grade gas oil and how to protect your business over winter by downloading our PDF.

Preparing your tank for winter

Your fuel can be more susceptible to the impact of cold weather if your storage tank is in poor condition. Before temperatures drop, remember to check your tank for signs of damage like cracks, bulging and rust. Fixing these issues now will help prevent clogged filters and fuel contamination if bad weather hits.

Get ready for cold weather now. Download our full recommendations on winter grade gas oil and proper fuel storage.

Download Winter gas oil recommendations

Download the PDF: Winter gas oil recommendations