Adjusting home heating thermostat

Getting your fuel and tank winter-ready now is a wise move. By ticking a few quick jobs off your to-do list now, you can beat the rush and enjoy worry-free warmth in the colder months.

1 – Check your fuel tank

Making sure your fuel tank is in good health now will keep it safe from harsh winter weather. Check for signs of damage, like cracks, bulging, rust or leaks before your next fuel delivery. Spotting the signs early can also make it easier to fix any damage before it becomes a bigger problem right when you need it most.

We’re here to help, so feel free to speak to our experts for advice.

2 – Order your fuel

Every year there’s a surge of people ordering fuel when the temperature drops. By placing your order early, before winter sets in, you’ll beat the rush. You may even find that prices are lower when it’s still warm. Ordering early is particularly important if you live somewhere hard to reach because access to your property can become even trickier in poor weather.

To spread the cost of your fuel over 12 months, you can join our Monthly Payment Scheme and get other rewards like interest on credit in your account and entry to monthly prize draws. To see how much your monthly fuel bill could be, click here.

3 – Set up Tankscout

While you are ordering your fuel, it is worthwhile signing up for Tankscout, our fuel monitoring system. The device is fitted to your tank and sends meter tank readings to your phone, laptop or tablet, helping you stay on track of your fuel usage over winter and arrange for top-ups in plenty of time. Plus, once the level drops below a certain point set by you, we can even automatically raise your next order to give you full peace of mind.

4 - Book your boiler service

A boiler service will give you peace of mind that you’ll have hot water and radiators to keep you warm this winter. The golden rule is to get your boiler serviced at least once a year, and now is the ideal time before the first cold spell hits and engineers get booked up. *

5 – Register for the Cold Weather Priority scheme

If you, or someone you live with, is over 75, you could register for the Cold Weather Priority scheme. You’ll be marked as one of our priority customers for timely fuel deliveries during cold snaps. It’s free to sign up and registering now will ensure you stay warm this winter.

If you’re not over 75 yourself, it’s a good idea to mention the scheme to family members, neighbours and friends who qualify.

*Boiler Servicing not available at all locations