Rather than manually changing the thermostat and your heating working ‘on demand’ all the time, programme your thermostat so you can efficiently manage the temperature for when you are home or away.

2. Service your boiler -

A serviced boiler is a happy boiler! By having your boiler serviced at least once a year you can often avoid costly repair bills and potentially being left without heating and hot water. A boiler servicing plan is a great way to safeguard against costly repairs and call out charges.

3. Insulation –

A top tip for keeping the drafts out and warmth in. Checking around windows and doors for any secondary glazing drafts not only means you can invest in some homely draft excluders but it will also stop you wasting energy warming up cool air.

4. Don’t run out –

Automated deliveries are a great way of keeping on top of things without having the stress of finding time to call and order. Diaries can get a little hectic, so having a Tankscout monitoring system will alert us to when you are getting low, so we can schedule a delivery for you. The handy portal allows you to keep track of fuel usage in your own time and set your trigger point for a top up. You can add this to your monthly payment plan to spread the cost too!

Buy your heating oil early – With any in demand product, prices will rise and fall with the seasons. Ordering your main fuel delivery in the summer when there is less demand not only means you’ll be prepared for a turn in the weather but also saves you money as prices tend to be lower. Also, if you are in more rural areas where access in the winter can be tricky, it means that the weather won’t get in the way of your delivery.