Keeping fuel costs low is a priority for all businesses. If cash flows are under strain or you simply want to make cost savings wherever you can, making just one change could widen your margins.

Switching to Furnaceflame™ is a cost saver that doesn’t compromise on quality or efficiency. Here’s why it’s an ideal alternative to heating oil.

Furnaceflame is cost-effective

Where gas oil is used for heating purposes, Furnaceflame is often a cheaper alternative. It is made specifically for commercial heaters and dryers, which means it doesn’t need to meet the exacting standards of oils for off-road mobile plants and is therefore less expensive to produce. And it’s a virgin oil that doesn’t need any costly additives.

Furnaceflame is free from additional levies

Regular gas oil is subject to additional government levies for road fuel. In the 2020 budget published in March, Rishi Sunak announced that the government would end its tax relief for ‘red oil’ used in off-road vehicles and machinery. But as Furnaceflame is only used for heating purposes, it is protected against future road fuel levy increases.

Same great quality oil

Completely FAME-free and made from virgin components sourced from UK and European refineries, Furnaceflame is a high-quality oil. Because it doesn’t contain any waste oils, there is less risk of contamination and of filters becoming blocked, helping to keep your heaters and dryers running efficiently for longer. It is also winter grade all year round and designed to be used in a wide range of burner and furnace applications.

Switching to Furnaceflame is easy. As a drop in-replacement, you don’t need to modify your equipment or nozzles or drain your tank.

Make the switch

To order Furnaceflame or to speak to us about this fuel replacement, speak to us. You can ask any questions using the enquiry form below and our team will get back to you shortly.

Furnaceflame is a registered trademark of WFL (UK) Limited.

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