Introducing our new Watson Fuels fleet

Our latest trucks are safer, more efficient and are helping us support more homes, farms and businesses than ever before.

We’re making a significant investment in our 350-strong fleet, replacing nearly 30% by the end of 2021, to make sure we stay reliable now and in the future. By making the investment in our fleet, we’re taking steps towards a more sustainable industry, and we’re in a better position to help even more customers.

You will see our new six-wheeler DAF trucks on the roads. And they are already making life easier for our customers and our drivers.

Engineered for efficiency

At Watson Fuels, we’re proud to deliver fuel nationwide through our network of local depots. Because lots of UK businesses are based in complex locations, we’ve developed pioneering six-wheeler trucks that are easier to manoeuvre than standard four-wheelers. Their rear-wheel steering tightens their turning circle, so our drivers can get the trucks to harder-to-reach places and into restrictive spaces to deliver fuel where and when you need it.

They’re also more efficient, with up to 30% more fuel capacity. It’s easier for us to reach more customers in a day, and we’re now even better placed to support more businesses and locations than ever before.

Reducing our emissions

We’re looking for ways to create a more sustainable future for our industry and yours, and our new fleet will make a positive impact on lowering our carbon footprint and reducing air pollutants. They’re Euro 6 compliant, with lower fuel consumption and a decrease in NOx and particulate emissions. And because they hold a higher capacity, we’re able to make fewer trips back and forth.

Keeping our team and customers safe

Safety has always been a priority at Watson Fuels – and these new trucks were designed to better protect people. We’ve invested in new technology and safety features, including 360-degree strobe lighting and cameras, close-proximity sensors and electronic braking systems.

To further protect our drivers, we’ve also moved the ladders to the back of the vehicles. And to give you the assurance that your operation needs, we’ve added industry leading anti-crossover and anti-contamination technology to the fuel pumping equipment – to make sure you get the fuel you need, safely.

See them for yourself

Speak to the team to see how, with our new fleet, we can help makes fuel supply simple and efficient for your business.