Watson Fuels is pleased to announce that we recently issued the latest annual certificates to customers who offset their fuel with us in 2022.

Since launching our carbon offset fuel products in 2021, we’ve helped thousands of customers offset their carbon emissions. Switching is the simple way for businesses and individuals to reduce the impact of their fuel use, and we're thrilled to see customers continuing to choose carbon offset fuel in 2022.

For commercial customers, our carbon offset fuel certificates evidence their commitment to reducing carbon emissions. And for our domestic customers, it's a way to see the impact of their carbon offset fuel purchases.

Our carbon offset fuels allow customers to compensate for the carbon impact of their fuel use without changing the type of fuel they use, making it much easier to reduce the impact of emissions that cannot currently be reduced to zero. We only purchase carbon offsets from projects that meet the Gold Standard or Verified Carbon Standard, ensuring the quality and integrity of the program.

To learn more about Carbon Offset Fuel and how you can choose to offset your next order with Watson Fuels, click here or contact your local depot.