In the Spring Budget 2023, the UK government confirmed details on financial support and legislation updates for non-domestic fuel users based off the gas grid and using kerosene (heating oil) or Furnaceflame™ in their businesses.

Businesses that are connected to the gas grid should have automatically received £150 through their energy supplier, as part of the UK government’s Energy Bill Relief scheme. Off gas grid businesses should have also now received the same, with the rebate coming through their electricity supplier.

However, businesses who are not connected to the electricity grid – and who therefore would not have received this payment automatically – or those businesses who need to apply for top up payments, can now use the government’s Non-Domestic Alternative Fuel Payment Portal to apply for a fixed alternative fuel payment of £150. The portal also allows companies using over 10,000 litres of heating oil on their premises to apply for extra payments of up to £5,800, based on usage. High-volume users who consume can receive bespoke arrangements.

Important Note:  Gas oil and fuel used for generating electricity or for transportation is not covered under this scheme.

Full information on the scheme and how to apply is available here: .

Rebated fuel duty update

In addition to the Non-Domestic Alternative Fuel Payment, the government has updated the legislation on the use of rebated fuel for commercial heating. Using a system to provide warmth to a room or building or using a boiler or other appliance to heat water or other substances for use or consumption in or on the premises, is entitled to use fully rebated kerosene on any premises, including Furnaceflame (industrial heating oil) and Greenflame (renewable heating oil).

For more information on the April 2022 duty change please click here or contact your local team.


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