Winter grade fuel

Diesel and Gas Oil are supplied in two grades for summer and winter periods. From Mid-November, Winter grade fuel will be supplied to our customers. Winter grade fuel contains additives that lower the temperature where fuel would normally begin to wax and helps to protect your fuel and machinery, even when temperatures drop below zero.

If you still have summer grade fuel in your tank, you should run your stock down before you refill with the winter grade product to avoid contamination. Otherwise, the mixture will have poor cold properties. We advise that the entire volume of your tank meets winter specification.

If you have lots of summer grade fuel left as winter approaches, you could consider adding an anti-wax additive that will work to prevent wax crystallisation and allows effective operation at lower temperatures.


Protect your tank this winter

Your fuel can be more susceptible to the impact of cold weather if your storage tank is in poor condition or exposed to winds. Before temperatures drop, remember to check your tank for signs of damage like cracks, bulging and rust. Fixing these issues now will help prevent clogged filters and fuel contamination if bad weather hits.

Make sure your operation stays efficient year-round with our winter guide:

Get ready for Winter

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