We’ve experienced very high demand from our valued home heating customers since the start of December. This has been the result of the traditional pre-Christmas ordering pattern, coupled with the spell of very cold weather in mid-December, but continues to affect our service levels.

As always, our Sales, Customer Service and Operational teams are working hard to support our customers and deliver fuel to homes and businesses as quickly and efficiently as possible.

We’d like to let our customers know that:

We’re sorry if your order has been delayed
A number of our deliveries in December and January arrived – and continue to arrive – later than expected. We know that late deliveries are disruptive, and worrying, especially when you’re relying on us to heat your home and/or fuel your cooker. We apologise to all affected customers, and we’re working to deliver all open orders as quickly as possible.

Call volumes continue to be very high
Call volumes into our sales and customer service centres have been incredibly high over the past few weeks. We thank all customers for their patience. Our teams are working round the clock to field all enquiries as efficiently as possible, but call wait times continue to be high.

Domestic customers looking to place a new fuel order are advised to please use the myWatson Portal or App to place new orders. See here for more on myWatson >

We will always prioritise those most in need
In line with government and industry guidelines, in any periods of high demand we will always prioritise deliveries to our Cold Weather Priority domestic customers, and/or those in vulnerable or priority groups classified by the Government (including ‘blue light’ emergency services).

Issued: 12th December 2022, updated 4th January 2023