One thing Dad’s are truly great at is DIY. Somehow every Dad has an accumulation of tools and secret skills that they must inherit when they have their first child.

As it’s just been Father’s Day we asked the Dads here at Watson Fuels to give us their best kept DIY tips.

“Expensive brushes are worth the extra ££. They don’t shed bristles as much and are much better for cutting in.” – Ian

“Whenever I get a piece of furniture or item to assemble I keep the spare screws, nuts and bolts along with the tools supplied in a box. I’ve raided the box a lot!” – Phil

“Always have enough double and triple A batteries in the house….You never know when a toy will need them!” – Richard

“Wipe a little oil on your children’s bicycle chain. Just to prevent the chain from rusting, following those occasions when they haven’t put them away properly and left them out in the rain. Also, let your kids muck in and help with the DIY, as one day we will be helping them with their DIY.” – Ian

“When resealing around baths or showers with silicone, after application spray the silicone with a mixture of washing up liquid and water before smoothing with your finger, to ease smoothing and preventing stickiness.” – John

“When you have painted a room, label the pots of paint with the room it relates to otherwise, like me, you have no clue which paint is for which room.” – Richard

“Use high quality low-tack decorator’s masking tape for a clean finish. But, make sure freshly-painted surfaces dry for at least 48 hours before applying. You’ll regret it if not…” – Ian

“If you plaster a room (or have it plastered for you) hold off with decorating and paining for at least three weeks. The plaster will move and set and you’ll often get cracks which mean you’ll have to fill, sand and repaint your hard work. Hold off and fill and sand before paining.” – Ben

We’d love to hear your DIY tips whether you’re a Dad or you’ve been passed down a top DIY tip from your Dad.