As has been widely reported in the media, we are seeing significant volatility in global oil pricing and, as a result, sharp increases in the price of all UK fuel grades.

Demand is rising as customers become concerned about increasing prices, which has increased our lead times in a number of locations.

As always, our Sales, Customer Service and Operational teams continue to work hard to support our customers and deliver fuel to homes, farms and businesses as quickly and efficiently as possible.

We’d like to let our customers know that:

Our advice to customers remains the same

Our advice to our home heating and commercial customers remains consistent: please order only when you need fuel, but in good time. Please be honest about your current level when placing orders to allow us to help plan and manage your order as efficiently as possible. Our teams are still able to process new orders for all locations, but please be aware that our lead times in many areas have now increased.

We are unable to offer quotations

The market pricing is changing rapidly throughout the day. As a result, we regret that at this time we are unable to offer quotations, or prices for deliveries until the day of delivery.

Call volumes are currently very high

Call volumes into our sales and customer service centres across the country have been high this month, and we thank all customers for their patience. Our teams are working hard to field all enquiries and place orders as efficiently as possible. Our existing domestic customers can continue to place orders through myWatson portal.

We will update this guidance regularly

We will publish updates to our website as soon as available.

Issued: 8th March 2022