Earlier this month, we sent out Carbon Offset Fuel certificates to customers who had offset their fuel use in 2021.

Since launching our Carbon Offset Fuel products in 2021, we’ve helped our customers offset 45,000 tonnes of CO2e (carbon dioxide equivalent) generated by their homes’ and businesses’ fuel use. Earlier this month, we issued our 2021 Carbon Offset Fuel certificates to thousands of our customers.

Carbon Offset Fuel lets you compensate for the carbon impact of your fuel use, without changing the type of fuel you use. It makes it much easier to reduce the impact of the emissions you can’t currently reduce to zero. At Watson Fuels, we only purchase carbon offsets from projects that meet the Gold Standard or Verified Carbon Standard (VCS).

For our commercial customers, our certificate is demonstrable evidence of their commitment to reducing their carbon emissions. And for our domestic customers, it’s a way to see the impact of their Carbon Offset Fuel purchases and learn just how much they’re contributing to carbon reduction.

You can find out more about Carbon Offset Fuels and how to purchase them with your regular fuel order.