As part of our investment in a large proportion of our fleet, we’ve selected some DAF eight-wheeler Rigid tankers. We’re the first fuel provider to adopt this model, and we’re pleased to be able to make the most of this innovative vehicle.

What is the new tanker?

A number of new Short Wheel Based Tridem models will now make up part of our fleet. They are more fuel efficient and safer to drive, yet they offer excellent capacity and plenty of power.

More fuel efficient

A key reason why we’ve chosen to invest in these vehicles is that they’ll help us to be more fuel efficient and reach our sustainability targets. They carry 4.5% more cargo than a standard model of their size, meaning we’ll be able to make fewer trips for deliveries and use less fuel in the process, helping reduce our emissions.

Not only that, but the 410BHP Euro 6 engine provides max torque at low revs. Although Break Horse Power is lower, the power is greater for lowered emissions and fuel economy. As a result, they deliver a 5% increase in fuel efficiency compared to previous models, along with 5% lower carbon output.

Smarter and safer

Our new short-wheel based vehicles are also easier to manoeuvre and therefore safer to drive – this is a key part of our new fleet investment. These tankers have a 19% smaller turning circle than that of a standard eight-wheel tanker, along with new safety features such as a 360-degree camera and strobe lighting. With lots of the businesses and homes we serve based in rural locations, we can now rely on these smaller vehicles to deliver safely, no matter where we need to reach. They also have a fully automated additive kit and a full anti-contamination metering system.

More on our fleet update

We’re in the process of replacing 30% of our fleet by the end of 2021 as well as offsetting the carbon emissions of our fleet to help meet our sustainability targets. You can find out more about our net zero journey here.