For us at Watson Fuels, a large part of being a safe and reliable fuel supplier is meeting industry-leading health and safety standards. Our UK Land business has been working exceptionally hard to build on our safety procedures to further reduce the risks associated with our work. And we’re pleased to say that, in just three years, we’ve reduced our total injury rate by 77%.

The Watson Fuels safety mission

In recent years, we have gone beyond the high operational standards that the industry sets for us to find more ways to keep our employees, customers and the general public safe.

Over the 60 years we’ve been in business, we’ve seen great change across the industry. New technology and innovations are helping us to be more efficient and keep our teams safe. But there are additional risks to mitigate too. Through extensive risk analysis and by implementing a unified Safety Excellence Programme across all our global fuel operations, we’ve taken positive steps to reduce incidents.

The results of our high operational standards speak for themselves. In 2020 alone, our injury rate has fallen by 68%, which is testament to the hard work and dedication of all our employees who strictly follow procedure. We’d like to thank everyone for keeping each other safe.

Protecting the public

The nature of the work we do means that we come into contact with hundreds of people every day. Our drivers are out on motorways and country lanes, and they work directly with customers at their businesses and homes to deliver vital fuel, lubricants and other supplies. So, for us, safety is about protecting the public as well as our employees.

That is why we closely monitor our motor accident and oil spill rates. Over the last three years, these rates have also dropped, with both oil spills and road incidents down by 57%.

Paying attention to health and safety

We know how important it is for our customers to work with safe and reliable suppliers. Watson Fuels has been trusted to deliver fuel services for over 60 years, and we’re proud to continue promising our customers the top standards they expect. These latest statistics are evidence of the attention we pay to our health and safety, and we will always explore more ways to improve the rates further.

For advice on how to keep your operations and fuel supply safe, please speak to our team.