Say hello to our new tiny tankers

The first of our new ‘tiny tankers’ have arrived at our Cornwall and Ledbury, Herefordshire, depots. Our new small trucks are some of many vehicles helping to replace 30% of our 350-strong fleet. And first impressions are good.

Safer for us and for you

Safety is one of the main reasons why we’ve invested in these smaller trucks, and our drivers say they’ve noticed a real difference. With a much smaller turning circle, they’re easier to manoeuvre around tight country lanes and our clients’ properties. They also come with a 360-degree camera, collision avoidance technology and an automatic product line change system.

These specialist vehicles will be particularly useful when we deliver to rural locations, where lots of our customers are based. We hope they’ll help us to deliver to more customers in hard-to-reach places.

Small but mighty

Although the new trucks are significantly smaller than other models, they can be fully loaded to carry 5,000 litres of fuel, unlike previous trucks with a max load of 3,500-4,000 litres. Meaning we can carry more fuel, make fewer trips and help us cut our fuel usage.

Making our deliveries more fuel-efficient vehicles is one of many steps we’re taking to work towards achieving net zero. We’re also offsetting our fleet’s CO2 emissions and have a simple solution to help our customers offset their fuel too. You can find out more about this service here.