Zemo Partnership have released their latest guide. It’s designed to help HGV operators on their journey to net zero and to explain how renewable fuels, such as Renewable Diesel / HVO, can help. Each section provides an overview of the UK’s renewable fuels market, the current deployment of renewable fuels in the HGV fleet (with case studies), plus the fuels’ greenhouse gas emission performance and primary sustainable feedstocks.

As an approved supplier within Zemo’s Renewable Fuels Assurance Scheme, and a member of the Zemo Partnership, we are pleased that Watson Fuels is featured within the guide.

Claire Bishop, Vice President, Watson Fuels said: “As proud members of Zemo Partnership, we fully support the goal of helping HGV operators better understand ways to reduce carbon emissions. We’re committed to supporting our customers in planning their respective energy transitions, and the Renewable Fuels Guide is an important resource to aid this mission.”

Access Zemo’s Renewable Fuels Guide on the Zemo website, here >

Assured and sustainable renewable diesel supply

For businesses aiming to cut fossil fuel use and meet carbon reduction targets, making a simple switch to Renewable Diesel can help achieve both.

Watson Fuels is proud to offer nationwide supply for Renewable Diesel – harnessing the strength and scale of World Kinect and our international supply experts, our national network of depots, and approved supply partners. We also ensure that our Renewable Diesel meets strict criteria for greenhouse gas emissions, feedstock sustainability, and transparent supply chains.

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